The red bottom soles: Christian Louboutin Pigalle


The red bottom soles that started my love for designer shoes.

We were invited to a few weddings a couple of years back and I thought rather than buying a new dress every time there was a special event and only wearing them once, I would instead splurge on one pair of designer shoes.

I said to myself and my partner that I would actually be saving money because I would get so much use out of them. And that was how I justified my first pair of designer shoes!

*My partner ended up encouraging to me to buy the shoes as he was sick of me talking about them for over a month.


Now on to the review…

Comfort factor – The 8.5 cm Pigalle are surprisingly comfortable. The toe box is not too restrictive. I managed to wear these for 5+ hours at a few weddings without bending over in pain or going barefoot! I think the comfort has to do with the (relatively) low heel height. It would be a different story if I went with the 10cm or 12cm. I would give the Pigalle an 8/10 for comfort.

Wear and tear – Black patent is very durable which was why I decided on these as my first designer shoe. The Pigalle have held up quite well.  As with all stiletto heels, you have to be careful with the stiletto getting stuck in pavement cracks or escalators with grills. Both heels managed to get caught and have caused some patent to peel off!


Are these babies worth it?


If you are in the market for a ‘classic’ (pointy, stiletto, black patent) shoe and have money to splurge then you can’t go wrong with the iconic Pigalle. Also the red bottom sole make it so much more fun!!

However, I found that these shoes are not the most versatile and I haven’t been wearing them all year round. For some reason I don’t find the black pair goes with everything in my wardrobe unlike a nude a pair for example.  Also,  I have found because of the lower heel height, it leans toward a work shoe rather than a going out shoe.

Verdict…I don’t think the Pigalle 8.5cm is a ‘must-have’ but rather a ‘nice to have’ shoe in my opinion.

Hope you found this review helpful!



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